Vice Chancellor Message

Chandigarh University is a premier, student-centric Educational Institution with a culturally diverse community of students. We believe in networking with people who have innovative ideas and an objective to significantly contribute towards progress of the global society. Through strategic alliances with more than 66+ world ranked foreign Universities, CU has created a robust network of International exchange.

The learning standard of education at CU is at par with the best in the world. We bring together students from over 36 Nations, 29 Indian States & two Union territories. Through our collaborations with a number of the world ranked Universities across the globe, strong partnerships with Industry and socially relevant research, the University has created a distinct niche for itself.

CU appreciates all International Students who bring diverse cultures and experiences, enriching our learning and working environment. We are a ‘global’ University, because of the strategic partnerships – both here and abroad – that allow us to confront and

contribute to some of the most pressing global challenges. The University is committed to offer state-of-the-art Academic Programmes based on experiential learning, creating a conducive environment leading to innovation and research. We are dedicated to supporting you by providing many educational and social opportunities that will make learning with us a rewarding experience for you!

Let me assure you that journey for successful professional career starts at Chandigarh University.

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