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Department of Chemical Engineering

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Hands-on experience is an integral part of learning at Chandigarh University. Our multifaceted laboratories give you an exclusive opportunity to gain hands-on temperament right from day one. Various labs housed by the Department of Chemical Engineering are -

Mass Transfer Lab

The objective of the lab is to make students understand the concepts of separation of gas and liquid through various mass transfer operations. It not only teaches theoretical concepts of the subject extensively, but also helps to visualize its real-world applications in the process industry. This laboratory covers the following experiments: Liquid-Liquid extraction in the packed bed, Solid in air diffusion, Tray dryer, Wetted wall column, Vapour-liquid equilibrium, Batch crystallizer and more.

Chemical Reaction Engineering

Chemical reaction laboratory aims to introduce chemical engineering students to the areas of chemical reaction & reactor operation. From the variety of reactors that are being used for different purposes, you will be learning the three basic types, i.e. the batch reactor, the continuous stirred-tank reactor, and the plug-flow reactor. Apart from this, various other experiments carried out in the laboratory are Adiabatic batch reactor, Isothermal batch reactor, CSTR, RTD Studies in CSTR and more.

Mechanical Operations Lab

The purpose of the laboratory is to make students familiar with various mechanical operations used in process industry. Various experiments taught in the lab are Jaw crusher, Batch Sedimentation, Cyclone separator, Sieve Shaker, Drag coefficient and Ball mill.

Chemical Technology Lab

Process Dynamic and Control Lab

Process Modeling and Simulation Lab

Heat Transfer Lab