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Department of Forensic Science & Toxicology

Hands on experience with research oriented learning

Case Studies

As a Forensic Science student at CU, you will be facilitated with opportunities to take-on case studies that will let you learn skills to tackle the challenges faced during a real-time crime scene.

Study of pattern and prevalence of drug of abuse in District Kangra, Himachal

The aim of the project was to study the pattern and prevalence of drug abuse in Kangra. This case study was a small trial to know about the trending pattern of the drug use among people of district Kangra. In this study, a total of 325 cases have been collected and studied from Kangra.

To correlate fingerprint pattern with personality trait in the Sikh community with
the help of psychological tests

The purpose of the project was to study the personality traits of a person and how he/she react in a particular situation on the basis of fingerprint patterns present on their hands.

Voice Recognition & Comparison of Mother and Daughter By Using Voice
Biometric Softwares

The purpose of the case study was to analyse the voice transcripts of mother and daughter and examine the variations and similarities in sound spectrograms between them.