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Department of Forensic Science & Toxicology

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Research opportunities at Chandigarh University are virtually endless. We not only support research but encourage each and every student & faculty to get involved in research as it helps them learn intricacies of the field.

Reliability of Aadhar Card: A Forensic Perspective

The objective of the study is to find out whether the Aadhaar Card Identity can be forged or not.

Ashtagandha Powder: An herbal formulation for deciphering latent fingerprints

An easily available herbal powder, which is cheap as well as non-toxic, has been used for the visualizing latent prints. This powder has not only given results successfully on different surfaces such as wood, glass, plastic, paper, and marble but also posed no threat for the technicians who inhale fine particles of the powder during the sprinkling over the latent prints.

Analysis of Fingerprints and Palmprints Pattern of Identical Twins of Malwa
Population, Punjab

The main purpose of this study of fingerprints and palmprints of identical twins was to examine the similarities and dissimilarities of prints patterns in the pairs. The results of this study illustrates that further work should be done which will provide more information in other areas of dermatoglyphics to explore in future investigation of crime cases.

Detection and Comparison of Normal and Menstrual Blood Samples Found At
Crime Scene

In particular, the identification of Menstrual (liquid or stain) is often a key step during the investigation of a rape case. The attempt has been made to determine the blood group from liquid menstrual blood by using antiserum ABH. Teichmann reagent which gives a negative result with menstrual blood can be a good parameter for differentiating the menstrual blood from normal blood.

A Novel Solvent System for Profiling Poisonous Plant Extracts Using Thin Layer

The present study has inspected occurrence of some poisonous plants throughout Rohtak city and their chromatographic analysis. Importantly the results have been of great utility. Morphological examination identified ten poisonous plants vis. Thevetia peruviana, Nerium odoratum, Calotropis procera, Ricinus communis, Datura fastusa, Argemone mexicana, Ipomea marginate, Crinium asiaticum, Plumeria obtuse and Abrus precatorius from different localities of the selected area. A new single solvent system chromatographically separating all these poisonous plant extracts has also been developed.

Validation studies on Gender Determination from Palmprints with Special
Emphasis on Hypothener Region

The study investigates the gender differences in palm prints of males and females with special emphasis on hypotheses region. During the study, attempts has been made to evaluate the frequency distribution of dermatoglyphic pattern of fingerprints present along with the body mass index of obsessed individuals and normal weight individuals in both males and females.

Visualization of latent fingerprints using silica gel G: A new technique

In this study, a less expensive, simple and easily available, silica gel G powder (usually used in TLC plates preparation) has been used to develop the latent fingerprints on eight commonly encountered different substrates i.e., plastic, glass, ordinary mirror and metallic substrates, aluminium foil sheet, carbon paper, matchbox, cardboard, glossy-painted wooden substrates, top and writable surface of CD and glazed coloured magazine paper surface. It is observed that it gives very clear results on most of the substrates with clear ridges.

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  • (Nawanshahar) of Punjab.
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  • A Systematic Review On Various Species Of Diatoms Associated With Drowning.
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  • Recognition And Analysis of Fingerprints And Palm Prints Patterns Of Identical
  • Twins Of Malwa Region,Punjab.
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  • Applications of Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy: Review.
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  • Review on Thin Layer Chromatography
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  • Forensic entomotoxicology: current concepts, trends and challenges
  • Effect of seasonal and altitudinal variation on insect succession and rabbit carcass decomposition in West Himalayan region of India.