Next Gen Engineering 2.0
at Chandigarh University

Engineering 2.0 is the next generation futuristic programs designed specifically to meet the Industry requirements and prepare the next generation professionals who can develop, work and design new technologies in their respective fields. The academic course curriculum is designed by Industry Experts and renowned Academicians from primer engineering institutions like IITs and NITs.

How is Engineering 2.0 offered by Chandigarh University different from contemporary engineering programs offered by other universities and institutions?

Due to Globalization and rapid advancements in Technologies used and practiced by Industry, MNCs all over the world are looking for the next generation professionals who can not only use the technology tools developed and designed using the emerging technology but also can carry out research on the next generation tools which can be helpful in future. Chandigarh University offers an engineering student through its next Gen Engineering 2.0 programs (BE) where every student undergoes academic learning of emerging technologies, learning & practical training in emerging & upcoming areas in their respective fields.

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  • Level of Study: Under-Graduate, Post-Graduate & LEET PROGRAMS
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as a Career

  • There is perhaps no career other than Engineering that spans so many areas & offer complete versatility in terms of learning.
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Best Aerospace Engineering College in Punjab and India

Analytics in
Knowledge Management

  • Learn how to transform Big Data into powerful solutions for your employer or clients.
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Best Aerospace Engineering College in Punjab and India


  • Our engineering programs prepare you for leadership roles in electrical and computer engineering, to environmental and biomedical engineering and more.
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Best Aerospace Engineering College in Punjab and India

Feautures -
Next-Gen Engineering

Here are the 8 features which differentiate studying engineering at Chandigarh University different from engineering programs offered at other universities and institutions :

  • Curriculum aligned with leading International Universities and Research Agencies. For e.g. In Case of CSE Course Curriculum aligned with Stanford University, ISACA, NASSCOM. For Civil Engineering Course University of Singapore, Imperial College London, ASME, ISTE.
  • Core & Elective Subjects offered in Emerging Areas with input requirements from Industry. Emerging Areas covered in CSE: Python Programming, Software Testing & Quality Assurance, Machine Learning, Virtual Reality, IOT, Bioinformatics, Information & Network Security, Grid Computing. Emerging Areas in Civil Engineering: Structural Engineering, Geo-Technical Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Construction Technology, Environmental Engineering, GIS, Water Resource Engineering
  • Special focus to groom skill set among the engineering students as per the recent requirements of the Industry.
  • Academic planning to strengthen the foundation of every student and elevate them to the leadership level where they can contribute towards the growth of the organization they work.
  • Applied Science subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics aligned with Core branch so as to generate interest of the students.
  • Placement Training is made part of course curriculum which is imparted to the students from the 1st Semester itself
  • Personalized Assessment of every student and Mock Tests in association with AMCAT (India’s most credible employment assessment test recognized by Industry)
  • Course Curriculum prepared by renowned academicians and subject experts from IITs, NITs and Industry Experts from Top MNCs such as IBM, Quark

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